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Danny Trench Bowles DHR’s Favourite TV Shows
By: | Featured, Opinion | 8th December 2016
With the Christmas break coming, and all the TV-watching that usually comes with it, we, at DHR, thought we would share our current TV favourites. Account Manager, Sebastian Enke – Planet Earth As a consequence of the plethora of high-quality content available on (and in many cases native to) on-demand online platforms, my TV consumption is at its lowest ever level. Despite this, my favourite is a TV programme in…
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Catherine Heaney Final Thoughts on the US Election
By: | DHR News, Featured, International, Opinion, Political Insights | 8th November 2016
This US election has taken place in a virtual space.  Compared with recent general elections, advertising budgets have been slashed, even in the considerably well-funded Hillary Clinton campaign. Last week, I spent a few days on US election duty.  Walking the streets I noticed that billboard spaces were blank; passing by houses and cars noticing that there was an absence of posters or bumper stickers; going in and out of…
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Danny Trench Bowles BOO!! DHR’s favourite frightful Hallowe’en flicks
By: | DHR News, Featured, Opinion | 28th October 2016
With the spookiest time of year coming this weekend, the DHR team discuss their favourite horror films. But be careful, their answers may scare you! The Conjuring – David O’ Donnell, Account Executive I have always struggled to get through horror movies without going into a complete state of numbness, yet I still can’t tear myself away from a good thriller. The Conjuring most definitely ticks all the boxes on…
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Tony Heffernan Posters – what’s the point?
By: | DHR News, Featured, Opinion, Political Communications, Public Affairs | 20th May 2015
As we enter the final stages of the marriage equality referendum campaign, our lampposts (certainly in urban areas) are festooned with posters urging a yes or no vote.  A variety of organisations, including all of the main political parties, have yes posters in place.  There are a smaller number of organisations on the no side, but they have managed to compete in terms of numbers of posters. If it were…
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Catherine Heaney Elections – which way to look?
By: | DHR News, Featured, Opinion, Political Communications | 5th May 2015
Our Managing Director, Catherine Heaney, shares her thoughts on election strategies in the UK and USA… Our election strategists don’t know which way to look. Across the water, Nick Clegg puts on an apron and gets painting at an adult education centre. The week before he was abseiling.  The photocall which captured George Osbourne putting the happy face on a Henry hoover was particularly upsetting for the media (they had…
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Catherine Heaney National Awareness Weeks
By: | DHR News, Featured, Opinion, PR Tips | 17th April 2015
Selecting a week to highlight a cause or grow awareness of an issue has its benefits. It allows organisations to link advertising with public outreach and public relations. Mostly the result is that – because of the investment in awareness – target audiences are better appraised of the issues at stake. This can help boost fundraising efforts, or drive target audiences to access important information or services. The first page…
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Catherine Heaney A united brand for Dublin?
By: | Featured, Opinion, Political Insights | 3rd December 2014
Last week the Upper House of the Oireachtas was briefed on Ireland’s tourism performance. Since the downturn, we’ve been keener than ever to attract the tourist dollar.  Gabriel Byrne was anointed our cultural ambassador, and then we had the Gathering.  All laudable, but maybe lacking in long-term sustainability. In his briefing to the Seanad, the Minister for Transport and Tourism, Paschal Donohoe, reminded members of the recently-launched ‘Grow Dublin Alliance’.…
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Has the Web Summit gotten too big for its boots?
By: | Digital, Events, Featured, International, Opinion, Social Media | 5th November 2014
DHR Communications’ Executive Director Martina Quinn blogs from the Web Summit 2014. The Web Summit has grown from 400 to 20,000 attendees over the past four years.  That’s something we’ve heard over and over again in the past few days. It has become something of a darling amongst Irish media and politicians, with senior government figures eager to get ‘cool’ press shots, surrounded by the people they view as the…
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Catherine Heaney The Devastating Decline of our Culture & Heritage Budget
By: | Featured, Opinion | 18th October 2014
DHR’s Managing Director and Founder, Catherine Heaney, blogs about her childhood memories and the roots of her passion for culture and heritage, and how this week’s budget will continue to have a devastating impact on our infrastructure and history. Memories of my primary school days aren’t sugar-coated.  Spelling tests on Fridays, and living in fear of being called to stand against the wall with the ‘dunces’, is one memory that…
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