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A local agency with a global reach

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Danny Trench Bowles Lessons to be Learned from the Brexit Referendum
By: | DHR News, Featured, Political Communications, Political Insights | 25th October 2016
The Remain side of the Brexit referendum failed to win the hearts and minds of voters because it spoke to the wrong people, in the wrong way, with the wrong voices and without listening to its audience. This was the conclusion of Sebastian Hamilton, Group Editor at Associated Newspapers, who was speaking at this month’s European Movement Ireland’s briefing on the results, strategies and fallout of the British referendum on…
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Joanne Ahern DHR Communications partners with Political Intelligence
By: | DHR News, Featured, Political Communications, Public Affairs | 16th July 2015
DHR Communications Dublin DHR Communications is delighted to announce a joint strategic business partnership with public affairs consultancy, Political Intelligence. The UK-based firm has a presence in all of the key European markets, with offices and partners in London, Brussels, Madrid, Paris, Rome and Edinburgh. Under the agreement, the consultancies will collaborate on business development, particularly as it relates to organisations operating in the European and global markets.  In addition, DHR will serve…
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Tony Heffernan Posters – what’s the point?
By: | DHR News, Featured, Opinion, Political Communications, Public Affairs | 20th May 2015
As we enter the final stages of the marriage equality referendum campaign, our lampposts (certainly in urban areas) are festooned with posters urging a yes or no vote.  A variety of organisations, including all of the main political parties, have yes posters in place.  There are a smaller number of organisations on the no side, but they have managed to compete in terms of numbers of posters. If it were…
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Catherine Heaney Elections – which way to look?
By: | DHR News, Featured, Opinion, Political Communications | 5th May 2015
Our Managing Director, Catherine Heaney, shares her thoughts on election strategies in the UK and USA… Our election strategists don’t know which way to look. Across the water, Nick Clegg puts on an apron and gets painting at an adult education centre. The week before he was abseiling.  The photocall which captured George Osbourne putting the happy face on a Henry hoover was particularly upsetting for the media (they had…
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Tony Heffernan Tony Heffernan Discusses the Legislative Process
By: | Featured, Political Communications, Political Insights, Public Affairs | 10th December 2014
At the beginning of each parliamentary year – usually in September – the government of the day publishes its legislative programme outlining the Bills it intends to introduce and setting out what stage of preparation each piece is at.  The most recent list, published in September, lists 129 separate pieces of planned legislation. But how does a promise in the Programme for Government or in a speech made by a…
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Tony Heffernan Tony Heffernan’s Take on the Reshuffle
By: | Featured, Political Communications | 11th July 2014
The former Tánaiste and Leader of the Labour Party, Dick Spring, once said that decisions he made in regard to appointments to government cost him more friends than any other aspect of his political career. Appointments to government and especially cabinet reshuffles are fraught with danger for party leaders.  Final decisions on appointments are made by the party leaders alone, so there is no capacity to blame the parliamentary party…
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Inside Ethiopia: DHR’s Martina Quinn on delivering media training in Addis
By: | Clients, Political Communications, Public Affairs, Training | 23rd May 2014
DHR’s Managing Director, Catherine Heaney, and Executive Director, Martina Quinn, recently travelled to the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, to deliver communications training to senior officials within Ethiopia’s public service.  Here, Martina recounts their trip…  My first impressions of Ethiopia were garnered through somewhat bleary eyes.  After a day’s travelling, we arrived in Addis, the capital city, at about 1am and – due to lost luggage – didn’t leave the airport…
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Tony Heffernan Local and European Election 2014 Analysis
By: | Consultation, DHR News, Political Communications, Public Affairs | 14th May 2014
One of DHR’s most politically experienced Client Directors, Tony Heffernan, gives his expert analysis and insights into each of the four main party leaders’ current standing in the lead-up to next week’s local and European elections. Parties in government tend to downplay the significance of mid-term elections, while those in opposition talk up their importance. There is certainly a body of evidence to suggest that voting patterns can be different in…
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