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David O'Donnell Live Video Streaming – Facebook Live Vs Periscope
By: | DHR News, Digital, Featured, PR Tips, Social Media | 26th August 2016
Live video streaming is getting a lot of attention at the moment and the battle between live streaming apps is well and truly heating up. In this week’s blog, we take a look at the two heavy hitters in the sector, Facebook Live and Periscope, to investigate the differences between them and how you can incorporate live streaming into your social media strategy. Why should brands engage in live streaming?…
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Web Summit Diary: Day 2
By: | Digital, Events, Featured, International, Social Media | 6th November 2014
Day two of the Web Summit was a lot busier than day one, but – with all the initial registration tasks out of the way and a better sense of where everything was located – we got to see a lot more talks and presentations today too. The first thing that stood out for me was that the number of female speakers on Day Two of the Summit – for the sessions…
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Has the Web Summit gotten too big for its boots?
By: | Digital, Events, Featured, International, Opinion, Social Media | 5th November 2014
DHR Communications’ Executive Director Martina Quinn blogs from the Web Summit 2014. The Web Summit has grown from 400 to 20,000 attendees over the past four years.  That’s something we’ve heard over and over again in the past few days. It has become something of a darling amongst Irish media and politicians, with senior government figures eager to get ‘cool’ press shots, surrounded by the people they view as the…
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Web Summit Diary: Day 1
By: | Digital, Events, Featured, International, Social Media | 4th November 2014
Attendees crowd into the main arena to see Taoiseach Enda Kenny ring the Nasdaq opening bell DHR’s Executive Director, Martina Quinn, and Account Manager, Emily Kelly, are attending the Web Summit at the RDS in Dublin this week.  Here, Emily gives her verdict on Day 1 of “Europe’s largest technology conference”. Day one at the Web Summit was a bit of a whirlwind and a lot about finding our bearings. What We Saw We attended six talks in total on the Centre Stage and Marketing Stage;…
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Four Top Trends in Social Media and their Implications for PR
By: | Digital, Featured, PR Tips, Social Media, Training | 26th September 2014
As you may have read in our last post, I’ve been delivering training in social media skills quite a bit recently. Discovering and exploring new online tools – and advising clients on how to use them in their work – is one of the things I like most about my job. The fact that the social media landscape is continuously changing, however, presents challenges when it comes to training.  If…
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Sarah Harte Social Media Training with the Archives and Records Association
By: | DHR News, Social Media, Training | 24th September 2014
DHR’s Executive Director, Martina Quinn, has been hopping back and forth across the Irish Sea in recent weeks, delivering training to members of the Archives and Records Association (ARA) in London, Edinburgh and Dublin. ARA is the lead professional body for archivists, archive conservators and records managers in the UK and Ireland, and DHR has worked with the Association for over three years, providing training in media skills. The most…
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Our Work on Awareness-Raising Campaign for LGBT Helpline Showcased on New Blog
By: | Clients, DHR News, Digital, Social Media | 6th February 2013
Gaumina – our neighbours in Dublin 8 (they’re based in The Digital Hub) – have established a new blog, aimed at showcasing “experts who work in marketing that use digital”.  The first guest post on their blog is by our very own Martina Quinn, Account Director with DHR Communications.  In the blog, Martina writes about our work last year on an awareness-raising campaign for the LGBT Helpline, and how the…
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