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From Merrion Square to Merrion Street Available from DHR
DHR News | 20th March 2013

A new book telling the story of DHR Account Director Tony Heffernan’s four-decade career in left-wing politics is available to purchase directly from DHR Communcations.

The book, “Tony Heffernan: From Merrion Square to Merrion Street” by Brian Kenny provides an honest and humorous insight into left wing politics in Ireland from one of its most influential behind the scenes organisers. The books takes its title from Tony’s presence at the burning of the British Embassy in Merrion Square in January 1972 as part of the reaction to the events of ‘Bloody Sunday’ in Derry in which 13 unarmed civil rights marchers were killed and his subsequent career in Government Buildings, on Merrion Street, as a senior official.

The book is priced at €8 plus postage. Please email Ciara@dhr.ie for more information.

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