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July 20, 2012
Call for volunteers to travel to Ethiopia

The Irish business-to-business charity Connect Ethiopis is looking for volunteers to teach their skills to workers in a heritage town in North Ethiopia.

As part of the StayLalibela tourism initiative, volunteers will offer a skills transfer to men and women working in the tourism industry in the heritage town of Lalibela, which is located in the North of Ethiopia.  The skills-transfer will involve formal and practical sessions.

It is important that volunteers have significant experience in their field; are comfortable working with groups; have good communications skills; and are team players.

The volunteering experience offers participants an excellent opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful ancient sites of the world, while working closely with a group of highly motivated volunteers and trainees.

The following skilled volunteers are being sought to participate:

  • Web / graphic designer with a strong proficiency in the use of WordPress.
  • Horticulturalist.
  • Tour guide.
  • Hospitality trainer (to deliver training in front-of-house / reception management).
  • Housekeeping trainer (to deliver training in room upkeep and general hotel housekeeping services).

Interested volunteers should contact Connect Ethiopia at katherine@connectethiopia.ie.

Volunteers would be expected to:

  • Be available to travel from 3rd to 10th November.
  • Attend a number of induction sessions prior to travel.
  • Cover all air travel; cost of vaccinations; and travel insurance.

See more about Lalibela at: www.staylalibela.com.

DHR Communications’ Managing Director Catherine Heaney has been a Board Member at Connect Ethiopia since 2008  and, last year, travelled to Lalibela – in a voluntary capacity – to help launch the ‘StayLalibela’ tourism initiative.  You can read more about her experiences in Lalibela here.

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