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March 22, 2019 Colin Eaton
DHR makes wall space available to artists and creatives in a new CSR initiative

Visual artist Colin Eaton exhibits collages of well-known Dublin landmarks

Based in the heart of Dublin’s Art and Antiques Quarter, DHR enjoys a bright office space thanks to our high ceilings, expansive white walls and floor to ceiling shopfront windows facing onto Francis Street. This affords us a great vantage point of life on the street, and also means passers-by can look in and see the colourful collection of photo images that decorate our walls taken at photocalls throughout the years.

As part of our CSR programme, we have decided to make our wall spaces available to artists and creatives based in Dublin 8 who would like an opportunity to display their work – free of charge. Every six months, we will be inviting artists to use our bright wall space to display and sell their work.

Our first artist is Colin Eaton. Colin is a visual artist based in Dublin 8 who works mainly in the medium of collage. His practice is influenced by his architectural background coupled with his love of form, colour and texture. Often creating from discarded materials, Colin seeks to create empathy between the person and the object – stirring emotions and sensibilities.

Colin’s exhibition at DHR features some well-known Dublin landmarks, such as ‘Spirelíne’ a paper-cut collage of the O’Connell Street skyline and ‘I think it’s over he said’, featuring the Poolbeg Towers. Another paper-cut collage, ‘Na Libertí’, featuring the flats on Dublin 8’s Oliver Bond Street, is also included in the exhibition.

Visitors are welcome to come and view Colin’s work at DHR, which will be on display until summer 2019. If you are interested in making a purchase, please contact Colin via colin@colineaton.ie. You can view additional pieces of Colin’s work on his Instagram page @colineatonarchitect.

DHR would like to extend its thanks to Colin for collaborating with us on this project.

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