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July 9, 2010
Leadership Training Programme for New Community Leaders

As mentioned a couple of weeks back, we were delighted to be chosen by the New Communities Partnership (NCP) to deliver a training programme for representatives of NCP member organisations, aimed at building their capacity in media and political advocacy skills. Full details of this training programme – entitled the ‘Leadership Programme for Community Leaders’ – have now been announced by the NCP.

Sponsored by the Community Foundation for Ireland, the programme is designed to foster, promote, and enhance ethnic minority involvement in local, regional and national policymaking fora in Dublin, Limerick and Cork.  It will will provide training and mentoring to leaders of ethnic minority communities in Dublin, Limerick and Cork on influencing policy and social agendas.

Commenting on the programme, Issah Huseini, CEO of the New Communities Partnership, said: “The immigrant civil society are aware that they need to produce effective leaders in order to exert real influence in decision making processes in public life in Ireland.  To achieve genuine and meaningful participation and representation in political arenas and not just ‘tokenistic’ representation, we need to provide leaders who can understand the mechanics of influencing policy and social agendas in an Irish context.”

The NCP is currently recruiting emerging, experienced, and advanced leaders from its network of over 106 members groups nationwide to participate in the training programme.  At the end of the programme, participants will have acquired the skills and virtues they need to engage with the State, as well as other institutions in Irish society, and will be ready to work closely with Strategic/Joint Policy Committees in local authorities, statutory agencies, local government structures and other civil society fora.

Further details on the training programme are available here.

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