Marit de Leve

Account Executive

Marit de Leve has recently joined the DHR Communications team as Account Executive. She has several years of experience in customer and client facing industries, as well as a background in developing creative content.

In her role with DHR, Marit works with clients to assist in communications delivery, planning social media calendar strategy and digital content, as well as supporting overall project management.

Marit’s academic studies have had a strong orientation towards research, shaped by her interest in Irish culture, history and arts. She is fluent in English and Dutch, with a great enthusiasm for language and communicating to a diversity of audiences using an array of platforms, on and offline.

Marit brings a great eye for detail and organisation, as well as strong writing and research skills to her role as Account Executive within the team.

She holds a first-class M.Phil. degree in Irish Writing from Trinity College Dublin, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Culture from the University of Amsterdam.


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