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July 4, 2014 Megan Griffin
A Teenager’s Perspective on Public Relations

Fifteen-year-old Megan Griffin has been on work experience with DHR over the past week.  Here, she writes about her ‘before and after’ impressions of PR (and pays us some very nice compliments in the process – we’re blushing!)

Before I did my work experience in DHR Communications, I didn’t know what to expect. I have never done work experience and I am in Second Year in secondary school, going into Third Year, so it was all very new to me. Fortunately, I love doing new things, so I was very excited to come here.

In school (primary and secondary), teachers say that teamwork is very important in any job you will have. I really believe that now after being here. The people I have met at DHR have proven my teachers right on how important it is to be good at teamwork. They all work closely with each other and help each other; this is what, I think, makes DHR such a nice environment to work in.  Another reason why it’s such a nice environment is because the building itself is so lovely and bright; it’s also very open.

Something that struck me was how much the team at DHR use social media in their work. Which I think is great because I think that’s how things are headed. I found it interesting to see social media used differently. For example, I would use it to see what my friends are up to and generally just use it as an inessential thing but, in DHR, they use it as a way to advertise, as a way to get their clients out there and to make their issues heard.

What I loved about doing work experience here is that it’s busy: there was always someone in the room taking a call, or writing an email or out with their clients.  This was great for me because I love being busy or even just being in a busy environment!

One of the days I was here, I went to a photocall for Samaritans Ireland, which I really enjoyed.  It was very interesting to see the preparation in the days leading up to it.  Something that I like is that DHR honestly really care about their clients; their dedication is really nice to see and makes this place have a friendly atmosphere.

In summary, I guess I’d have to say before I came here I thought it would be less teamwork involved and not as much use of social media.  But, after being here, I disagree with those thoughts completely! The thing I’d have to say I like the most about DHR is the people: they are so lovely and kind and have great teamwork skills and their commitment to their clients is excellent!

I am grateful for my week here and I’d love to see myself back here in the future!

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