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April 23, 2010
The ‘Age of We’ is here…

DHR Communications likes Geoff Mulgan’s opinion editorial published in today’s Irish Times. Geoff Mulgan is Chair of the Commission of ‘Inquiry into the Future of Civil Society in the UK and Ireland’ which was launched yesterday at an event in the Royal Hibernian Academy.

In his opinion piece, Geoff Mulgan writes about the need for a shift away from an ‘age of me’ to an ‘age of we’. He argues that civil society is now coming centre stage because the simultaneous crises of finance, politics and the environment are all in their different way symptoms of an out of control individualism.

Mulgan goes on to say that while many looked to the Government when the banking system collapsed and the property bubble burst, increasingly people are looking to civil society; the world of voluntary organisations, faith, trade unions and social enterprises.

He concludes that people need to work together to achieve real difference and that now is the time to put civil society at the centre of Ireland’s recovery. We need to emphasise what make us ‘we’ rather than just a collection of me’s.

The full text of the Inquiry into the Future of Civil Society’ in the UK and Ireland can be viewed on the Carnegie UK Trust’s website.

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